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The best components
Cooperation with many manufacturers gives us an advantage in choosing the best components for a specific project
Individual approach
We form an individual offer based on the characteristics of the object and the wishes of the customer
Complete cycle
We offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution – from consultation and installation to subsequent maintenance

Energy independence
in 3 steps

1. Consultation
We provide consulting. We study the needs and, based on this, together we look for the optimal technical and price solution.
2. Offer
We calculate the cost of the project, discuss terms and payment options. We register the solar power station with the electricity supplier.
3. Installation
We install the components of a turnkey solar power station. We conduct testing and commissioning of solar panels.

Professional installation of
solar panels

Installation of solar panels is carried out by professional specialists and includes a whole range of services:
— First, the exact location of the object is determined. The exact geographic coordinates of the structure and roof layout are collected, then this data is entered into a specialized program (a paid industrial technology that is not available to the average installer), which determines by satellite which area receives the most light;
— The engineer, using the data obtained, develops diagrams and drawings for the project;
— Based on the developed project, a frame with the optimal slope, shape, fastenings and dimensions is ordered,
— After manufacturing, metal beams are mounted on the roof of the building. Photocells are attached to these beams, after which they are connected;
— The solar power station is being tested and put into operation;
The duration of installation is affected by the complexity of the structure, the location of the roof, its size, shape and angle of inclination. Typically, this process usually takes from several weeks to several months.

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